People love to drink Pomegranate juice as compared to eat Pomegranate. Juice is easy to drink rather than eating. Pomegranate Fruit is available in two flavors with two colors. One is sore with red color while the other is sweet with white color. Pomegranate is full with juice. Pomegranate is one of the best blessings of nature for us. Pomegranate has numerous health benefits. Pomegranate juice is also served as a best beverage. Pomegranate juice is known as a juice for health. Red dye is made from pomegranate flowers. Every part of pomegranate whether, tree, leaves, barks, roots, flowers even each and every thing of pomegranate is useable and have benefits for us. Along with these uses of Pomegranate, Pomegranate is also very useful against some very critical diseases. Here in this article we will consider such diseases in which Pomegranate can do a lot with minimum effort. Pomegranate are very effective and beneficial in Diarrhea, stomach problems, influenza, blood pressure, Blood producer, growth of new hair, dry cough , anemia and etc. we will find in this article that how we can find remedies of such diseases by using Pomegranate. Pomegranate has adequate amount of water in it about 70 to 87 percent water in it. Biological components are also present in pomegranate like protein, fat (but in trace amount only), carbohydrates, fibers, minor amount of ash. Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Sodium, Potassium, Carotene (also present as a tracer), Ascorbic Acid, Boric Acid, and Citric Acid are also present in pomegranate. These all important elements are present in pomegranate. Due to have such elements the pomegranate is used as a medicine in most of the part of world.

Remedies for Diseases

  • Pomegranate for diarrhea.

Pomegranate is very useful for treating Diarrhea. The people who are suffered from Diarrhea should eat pomegranate and instead of eating juice of pomegranate can also be used.

  • Pomegranate for blood pressure and as blood producer.

Pomegranate has no parallel to it when we see it as a blood producer fruit. It is a natural blood producer product. Pomegranate not only produces new blood in the body but also keep pressure of blood at its normal rate. Pomegranate is therefore, useful in maintaining blood pressure level and also a blood producer.

  • Pomegranate for hair.

Pomegranate is responsible for growing new hair. People who are worried by their hair falling problem, Pomegranate is blessing for those persons. They should use pomegranate daily, hair fall problem will cure and new hair will grow as well.

  • Pomegranate for dry cough

Sweet pomegranate is very useful in dry cough. Dry cough normally completes its period and don’t leave you easily. So for keeping dry cough away from yourself, keep pomegranate near to you and use it daily.

  • Pomegranate as anti oxidant agent.

Pomegranate is very good anti oxidant agent.

  • Pomegranate for skin whitening.

To eat Pomegranate is very effective for whitening your skin. If you want to get white and clean skin complexion then eat or drink pomegranate juice daily. It polishes you internally.

  • Pomegranate for increasing immunity.

Pomegranate increases immune system of the body which helps to protect the body from Cancer type diseases. Pomegranate increases the immunity power of the man through which man becomes able to fight against various diseases and even against cancer as well.

  • Pomegranate as anti aging agent.

Pomegranate same like grapes is anti aging fruit. People who don’t want to be old they should eat or drink pomegranate juice. Pomegranate keeps your blood fresh, clean and fills the deficiency of blood in the body and also maintain the water amount in the body. By which man remains young and fresh for longer period of time.

  • Pomegranate for cholesterol, blockage of arteries.

Pomegranate reduces cholesterol level due to which it opens blockage of arteries and ease the circulation of blood among them. Because of blockage of arteries and increasing cholesterol level in blood, it leads human to various heart diseases and even heart attack. But pomegranate reduces cholesterol and keeps man away from heart diseases.

  • Pomegranate for heat.

Pomegranate is also useful in heat diseases and also protects heart attacks. Pomegranate strengthens heart and liver. As concern to pomegranate effects on heart, we have described earlier while pomegranate is equally helpful and beneficial for liver as well. Pomegranate is an excellent remedy for curing and protecting from hepatitis.

  • Pomegranate for pregnant women.

Pomegranate is not a less than a blessing of God for pregnant women. It lowers down the chances of pre mature offspring birth. Pregnant women should eat pomegranate during pregnancy. Pomegranate not only save their offspring from pre mature birth but also strengthen their offspring physically and mentally. Pomegranate fills the blood deficiency in both mother and child if pregnant eat pomegranate during pregnancy and after birth as well.

  • Pomegranate for anemia.

Anemia is a disease in which human body does not have enough healthy RBCs (Red Blood Cells). RBCs have protein name as fibrinogen which conduct oxygen for respiration. Chances of Anemia increases very much during pregnancy as well. Anemia may lead to death of a child in mother’s womb. But nature is very kind to us and help us by blessing us pomegranate. Pomegranate is best for Anemia because it has iron in it. That is why pomegranate provides RBCs to the body. It also fills the deficiency of body weakness. It is best to regain your health.

  • Pomegranate for textile industry.

Pomegranate fruit has many blessing for us not only to maintain our health but also for fulfilling our daily needs. Flowers of Pomegranate are used in textile industry for making dyes form them. Actually flowers of pomegranate produce very fine quality dyes (colors / pigments) which uses to dye the clothes in textile industry. And textile industries fulfill our daily needs of clothing.

  • Pomegranate for stomach and urine.

Pomegranate grain gives strength to stomach, heart and liver. Pomegranate produces the feelings of hunger and appetite. Pomegranate juice prevents thirst. So if you are suffered from thirst problem then drink pomegranate juice it is best for this. In summer this problem is common among people in hot climate areas. So they should eat and drink Pomegranate during summer season. Pomegranate removes urinary tract irritation. Pomegranate eases the flow of urine and pomegranate also removes restlessness of heart.

  • Pomegranate for Sore eyes, eyelids falling hair, red eyes.

An excellent remedy for sore eyes, eyelids hair falling and red eyes. We can prepare a natural medicine for these diseases by ourselves with little effort. Pomegranate grains bake into a copper bowl on fire. When it is thick. Then get stored it in the zinc pot. Use once a day every day. Sore eyes, eyelids falling hair, red eyes, all problems will be removed. All above mentioned dieses will be cured.

  • Pomegranate for live and stomach diseases.

For Liver and stomach diseases. And for increasing sexual and heart strength you have to do this. A liter of Pomegranate juice into clean container and had to leave for a few hours. Now put the juice into another pot and had to leave it. Add the fennel powder the amount as u want. Add 250 grams sugar. By putting a bottle cocktail and leave it in a sun light. Bottle was also stirring frequently. Use twice a day. Hunger will increase. Heart’s strength. Sexual strength is increasing. Face will become red due to excess quantity of blood.

  • Pomegranate for hepatitis.

Hepatitis remedy by using of pomegranate is as under. Put Pomegranate juice in an iron pot for a whole night. In early morning add some sugar and then drink it. In few days, Hepatitis will be finished and it will produce new blood.

  • Pomegranate for cholera.

Take 0.125 liter of juices of sweet and sore pomegranate, 0.25 liter of apple juice, 0.25 liter of lemon juice, 0.25 liter of green mint, 2kg of sugar. Prepare a mixture juice of these fruits. This juice of sweet and sore taste is very effective against all type of diseases of Liver and Stomach. Also very effective in the days of Cholera.

  • Pomegranate for teeth.

Making a tooth powder from Flowers of Pomegranate. Just grind them and tooth powder is ready. It strengthens teeth as well as gums. It stops bleeding from teeth.

Precautions for Pomegranate.


Pomegranate is not recommended for those people who are suffered from influenza, cough, constipation, diabetes and persons who have phlegmatic nature. So people on which these conditions are applied should avoid pomegranate but if they want to eat it then use it with low quantity.

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